Broken Families



Nowadays, many families are separated from each other due to many reasons for their relationship differences and views on their own life.Others are the third party or another woman, working abroad for a long period of time that has a tendency to find another partner, financial problems contribute a huge part of marriage separation and unresponsible acts that causes more fightings and separation of uncertain both parties action.

Firstly, more people are engaged in this tremendous problem in the society that contributes huge effects on certain individuals especially to young children that are the main victim of this process, divorce is the hardest parts and challenge that can happen to a couple especially the kids suffer most of the time.The most common effects are comprised Insecurities, self-doubt and lack of confidence can eventually make them uninterested in school.

I wonder why more couples are involved in this process and most of my classmates and friends are also a victim of this colossal experience that affects mostly the personality of the kids. I think its a trend for today generation.It’s better to divorce someone rather than to suffer for your whole life.This is also applicable in the western countries that the divorce is legally amended by the laws.In my country the Philippines we are more conservative and family oriented people during old times but nowadays divorce is in the process depending on the legislators for approval.

The massive responsibility for broken families or being a single mom or dad is to take good care of your children with your own without any partner in life.You will suffer financially shortage especially with their expenses for studies, food, and shelter.It consists of a greater obstacle before you can survive and pursue the dreams of your kids. It requires more patience, wide understanding and hard work if you have limited source of income in order to commit your goal in life.

Therefore, in order to be more effective in being a single parent, the government should pay attention to the needs of this individuals to support financially especially those who are in third world countries.This situation can’t be avoided due to miss understanding with each other and cannot be arranged with both parties.

Opportunity Plan Presentation



Alliance In Motion Global Inc. also known as AIM Global Inc. is a Philippine-based Multi-Level Marketing company which started on the 16th of March, 2006. Founded by three of the most successful network marketers in the country, Dr. Eduardo CabantogEngr. Francis MiguelMr. John Asperin, AIM Global aims to be a recognized leader in the distribution of high-quality Health and Wellness products in the Philippines and abroad, as well as give people new chances of earning more than they could at the present by introducing a hybrid marketing plan that is yet to be matched. AIM Global Inc. currently has over 150 Business Center Offices (branches) in the Philippines, and as the company name implies, there are also plans for expanding the business abroad.


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Why Multi-Level Marketing or Networking



To begin with, since the start of the new millennium it’s also the peak of multi-level marketing or networking. era.Many businesses were engaged during that time and until now it will continuously prosper.There are many advantages to get involve with this kind of marketing strategies.Later I will explain what are the common effects or results that are enjoying by the networker and company itself regardless the sacrifices that they had been through.Doing this kind of method will amaze you whilst unlimited income will occur unexpectedly, that will bring individual or groups to be financially free.

Multi-level marketing or networking is the business for a new generation.This is the only way that you can compete with huge businesses in the market as long as you are equipt with enough knowledge, techniques, and strategies.Traditional entrepreneurship is using a big amount of money for capitalization to run their business. For example the Mcdonald, you need $1 to $2.2 million just for the franchise alone.This company is using a leveraging method by Mr. Ray Kroc who joined to McDonald brothers as a franchise agent and proceeded to purchase the chain and employed 1.5 million people who work as franchises. They spent millions of money for commercial purposes.Do you think we can afford this amount of investment?

That’s why networking companies were created with the just small capital you can run the business just like Mr. Ray Kroc.Instead of ads commercial, the products are marketed directly to the buyer.We use this strategy for a long time without knowing.You buy products and you’re satisfied, tried to share the products and they purchase. unlike in MLM if you share the products and they purchase you earn.The networking works by sharing the products and inviting people to join down the line.Every invite has corresponding points and earnings depending on the marketing plan of each company.

Networking business was proven to be effective, many individuals are enjoying their huge income depending on how big are their group.They are entitled to a luxury car, travel abroad and better lifestyle.The great achievements that you acquire by helping ordinary people to get their dreams in life.This is a helping business, the more people you help the more benefits you receive.If you want to succeed you should start fairly and be responsible for every action that you went through.Always think positive and follow your upline, communication is absolutely important and teamwork.

Many downlines failed to succeed because of lack of information, it requires more focus and discipline.Knowledge is the most important tools.the more the merrier.How can you convince other people to join your team if have lack of knowledge, abilities, and sincerity?.Knowledge is power.Willing to learn every time and most especially believing in yourself that you can do it.power to all networker out there and happy changing lives.

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Government politics and corruption

as you notice that political persons are engaged in politics in recent times tremendously. Others shifted their career from traditional businessmen, employee, lawyer, doctor and much more just to serve the people as their primary reason.Do you think that’s the real purpose why they spend a huge amount of money just to win the election and pursue their hidden agenda according to their self-interest respectively?. Each country has their own way in corrupting money from the government especially those who belong to the third world countries that mostly suffer poverty and hunger people.

.In many nations that are involved in politics and corruption issues, the economy goes down as a result of limited jobs.investors, more violent action of the people and the worse scenario happen to have war.As the political personalities involved in the corruption are greatly no concerned with their respective municipalities, nation, and state. This nation involved in this unreasonable acts mostly belongs to the third world countries whilst lack of constitutional rights and focused their self-interest aggressiveness to be the wealthy person on earth.

There’s a saying that money is the roots of all evil and why political leaders continuously corrupting the money of their own citizen just achieve their own political goals to be famous to their own places and in preparation for the next elections regardless the people they destroy just for their own interest.



Financial freedom guidelines


Everyone is dreaming to become financially free, You can buy what you want comprise with the house, fancy car, travel, shopping, no worries and much more. The big question is how?Do you think ordinary people can do this?mostly during old times only rich persons know the secret on how to build a network but on Millennium era, many companies offered the secret on how to build a network starting a small capital.

We have 6 steps towards to financial freedom, The number one (1.) is self-discipline to increase cash flow. You are working eight hours a day with fix salary The remaining extra time make it more productive and use for part time so that you have an extra income that is going to be used for your daily needs.In this case, you can save more money in the future. You should increase your income and reduce your expenses as well.Don’t spend more than of your salary and buy only things that are badly needed.

2.) Debt management -Acceptance and finding solutions, Avoid the credits in order to be free from monthly payments with corresponding Interest.Mostly if you’re going to lend money from the bank! the interest rate roughly around 3 percent or higher. Applying this method can cause you more troubles financially, the best way is to control all your credits since many businessmen closed their businesses.Manage your credit and avoid if possible.

3.)Creates emergency funds at least three months of your income to be safe during a crisis, most of the people nowadays borrow money from other people.Is not too late yet to follow this steps especially when expected circumstances that can’t be avoided.We can’t control the situation, calamities happened everywhere, make it we are ready at all times.

4.)Provide proper protection, insured yourself through insurance companies that provide better benefits, Our bodies become weak when the time goes by. Our productive years begins from the age of 21 years old to 60 years old. We should prepare for that day will come to us. We can’t deny everyone become old whether you like it or not, that’s the cycle of life here on Earth.

5.) Build long term investment. If you have knowledge about rules of 72 by investing stocks market and the Interest rate from four percent (4%), eight percent(8%), twelve percent(12%) and higher.If you’re interested in this matter you can inquire to those who are involved in stocks market investment.

6,)Preserve your estate, all your money, network and real estate will be automatically inherited by your love ones. The most likely big businessman did this kind of setup for the protection of their families when they die.It is important to preserve it for the protection all of your assets.