War,Power and Money


Many advanced countries are developing warfare ammunition in preparation for the war, its comprise of the missile, chemical weapon, Jet fighter, aircraft and aircraft carrier, tank, guns, and much more. Weapons of mass destruction were created to killed humanity. Super power countries mostly controlled by prominent and influenced people on earth.The main reasons why war existed whilst of power and money. They want to control the world.

The war between two nation or groups was the worst things happened to a country or individual since this situation nobody will win, all are a loser. Most victims of this events were civilians and innocent people that lost their lives, homes and other properties. The most common problem of a war victim is lacked food and shelter. It can be seen in those countries with existing war activities.Many people had died. This should not be supposed to happen that people suffered.

If the country was engaged in war, the ammunition will be provided by the government to protect from perpetrator by importing from their allies if they don’t have their own made. This scenario involved the big amount of money, imagine how much was the cost of that equipment. The allies will not help if they did’ not get anything from certain country, they will also sacrifice the lives of their soldier. It’s just simple instinct as that and depends on the agreement.This way they will earn huge amount of money.

So, if we can avoid war by offering bilateral talks between two nation or other groups it’s better to save more lives.Peace talks are a greater solution if both parties will agree on that. We should unite and love each other because God created us equally.We should not follow the black side of persons.

This blog was written according to my own thoughts and opinion. I don’t want to hurt anybody or somebody, enjoy reading and cheers.


Global warming and climate change


Primarily, global warming and climate change is the latest phenomenon that everyone should be aware.This involves all individual that is the most concern to our surroundings. This occurrence is the results of continues development and progressiveness of new era without any concern for their environment.The cause of this event is human being itself that focus only on their desire to be more advance, civilize and rich people on earth and disregard all the effects of their action towards climate change and global warming. This situation reduces if we will work together and get involved for the possible solution.

Global warming arises when carbon dioxide (CO2), air pollution and greenhouse emission accumulate in the air space and soak up into the sunlight. the solar radiation backs away to the earth’s surface. Radically, this radiation decamps into space and last for decade or centuries in the atmosphere, the heat circulates within the area which resulted in the planet earth to become hotter. That’s what’we called the greenhouse effect. In addition, Increasing global temperature is a wide range of changes.Sea levels are rising due to thermal expansion. of the ocean. When regards to the melting of land ice amount and pattern of precipitation are changing.Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history.

Nevertheless, global warming changes in temperature and precipitation standard escalate the frequency, duration, and intensity of other extreme weather incidents such as floods, droughts, heat waves, and tornadoes. Other effects of global warming include higher or lower agricultural yields, further glacial retreat, reduced summer stream flows, species extinctions. As a further effect of global warming, diseases like malaria are returning into areas where they have been extinguished earlier.Although global warming is affecting the number and magnitude of these events, it is difficult to connect specific events to global warming. Although most studies focus on the period up to 2100, because carbon dioxide (chemical symbol CO2) has an estimated atmospheric lifetime of 50 to 200 years.

When we tackle about climate change, we’re talking about the scientifically perceptible and rising severe changes in global climate patterns that became apparent in the mid-to-late twentieth century and can be attributed to the rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, in particular) produced by human Time, mostly. Weather refers to atmospheric conditions in the short term, including changes in temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, brightness, wind, and visibility. Climate is the average of weather patterns for a particular region over a longer period of time.

While there are several clear indicators that our climate is changing, the two most common to get your attention might be sea level rise and the increase weather condition. Unlike many of the more gradual shifts associated with climate change, these are a just little indication . in many cases,  you can look out your window and see what happens right now.

So, every person in this world has its own obligation and participation despite how big or small is that.We must do our part now stop cutting of trees and forest burning, Car smoke belching, factory waste, mining and much more.Act now before its too late.

Human trafficking and prostitution


In recent times, women are victimized by human trafficking and engaged to prostitution enormously. This issues started many decades ago and commonly involved in this colossal illegal business was from rural areas of Asia Pacific region and other poor countries in the world, for a wrong belief to acquire green pasture in their lives.This activity organized by huge syndicates and influential people in the society for their self-interest through earning big amount of money and sexual  scrutiny of persons, that will enable other individuals to have partnered  for a short period of time that satisfies their needs in exchanged for money

Primarily, ladies are exploited by other persons due to the uninformed and uneducated individual resulting to fruitful promises that put them in a dangerous situation.During my teenager, I consulted one victim of human trafficking and asked her what happened why she was into this kind of work to entertained customer in the bar through dancing and goes out with other guys with corresponded payment.She responded, my recruiter, told me that she will give me better and decent jobs without my knowledge that she will put me in the entertainment bar as a dancer. I addition to that she said that I don’t have any choice for my situation right now since I borrowed money from my relatives and they are expecting that  I’m in a greater placed right now.

Prostitution is a gigantic business in the market today.Try to visit open countries and you will see how gorgeous these ladies are, Just like when I worked in one place in Asia before, the ladies were inside the glass with corresponding mirror and orange light, You will choose which one of them you like with exchange of money as a payment. It just like when you are in a market buying red meat. As for myself, I did not try at all I’m afraid of transmitted disease that time.One of my friend goes that placed every Sunday then after a couple of months he acquired STD. It was my first time to saw the effect of that disease that mostly involved on urine deliberation.

In each nation and cities have different ways of promoting prostitution.Others used calling cards, fliers, Videoke bar, disco bar, casino and much more. In the casino, if you lost your money in card games or other gamble game, they will offer help in exchange for something else. In present time due to technology advancement, they used social media to sell their owned and others used their real website together with their pictures.In addition to that students are also parts of prostitution by selling themselves in exchange for money for tuition pay settlement.

Therefore, human trafficking and prostitution will rise up rapidly in the future especially those countries that have an economic shortage and the protection of law enforcement agency that can’t be provided to the needs of certain state or nation. We must act now to halt this problem and we are all parts of this issues.

The Philippines war on drugs and martial law


Philippines war on drugs and martial law under president  Duterte administration is the only way to clean or remove rebellion and drug addict in Mindanao and entire Philippines area. As you can notice in the area of Marawi and Mindanao itself and other selected area, guns and ammunition spread all over the place The rebels have an easy access to guns supply according to the news on local television network while drugs supplier are continuously operating beside from strict implementation of war on drugs by the police authority.

This issue is not new to us, The previous administration was also implemented martial law but the difference now the way they implement in accordance with the law. Duterte is a genius when it comes to decision making together with their cabinet members since this matter happened several decades ago.This is not an ordinary problem, The administration primary goal is to end up rebellion and kidnapping. The president put his heart on this fight and I can felt it as myself.

The war between rebel and soldier is the worse part of Philippine history, aside from world war 2, You don’t know where to go, lack of food and shelter, damage properties that you invested for a long time than in just one bomb it will explode and disappear. I can’t understand their principles why they need to fight to the government forces and sacrifice civilian lives. I know they have strong belief and purpose why they did that kind of action.

War on drugs is also a massive issue in the Philippines, many drug addicts died for fighting police force during a drug raid.Duterte administration is also serious when regards to this matter. His target is to make the country drugs free.but this concern was more than two decades, do you think its easy for them to solve this situation? I don’t think so. The government is using all their resources to limit the supply of drugs going to an individual user by tightening their security through the help of civilian individual.

Moreover, Duterte action regarding this matter can’t be solved easily. It is just like you are planting a tree, The roots spread all over the ground. That’s why he needs our support instead of condemning him. We are lucky that we had the president just like him who had full support and concern within the country itself.

Lastly, I’m writing this to let the world knows how good and responsible is our president of Republic of the Philippines and show to them that they are misinformed by biased media.


The gap between rich and poor people nowadays.


To begin with, the gap between poor and rich people are increasing tremendously. low income abides citizen are satisfied to have two or three meals per day especially for those who are living in a third World Countries. It depends on what kind of jobs they are dealing with.  The majority of needy are uneducated people,  it comprises with farmers, labors, and street children .while rich people are working hard to become richer and they are using strategies to build their network on how money works for them through passive income.

Firstly, an indigent individual is rare and most have no dreams in their lives whilst the way they think vary from another human being. Base in my own observation regarding their attitude towards the society from where they belong, they don’t even care what will happen to them in the future they are just enjoying what they have right now. A good example of that when I visited the village area,  I wonder how they survive without any jobs and still, they are involved in illegal gambling.

Secondly, The sad truth about their situation, they have huge families. A minimum of ten children or more since the lack of knowledge about family planning and education. the father can’t  accommodate them properly and unable to provide proper education.  The worse scenario, the parents are forcing their child at a young age for hard labor and prostitution despite the danger that they are prone to any disease. They can’t resist to their guardian even though it is against their will.

Thirdly, Rich people are engaging much business, They are using strategies to enhance or build their network such as Multi level marketing, franchising and investing in the stocks market to provide their high lifestyle such as buying fancy car, house and lot, travel, and building financial freedom. By using this method they are earning passive income.even without them still their network is working and they have enough time for their families.

Lastly, In recent time, everyone has a chance to become rich as long as we should follow their strategies and techniques.It depends on your self-motivation and enthusiasm.We”are created equal and freedom of choice. it is just minded setting to put up business at an early age.Most of us we are believing in the wrong belief that you need to finish your education in order to have a better job than after retirement that the time to start a business. Why not start while you were in school through selling anything in the class then after graduation put up your own business.

Therefore, I conclude that the gap between the poor and rich will increase more because not everyone had given a chance to pursue their studies  Through education you will open your mind to build your dreams and measure your abilities on how to deal with people and new things.For those who are rich, it is our duty to help poor people to build their network as well. You can’t measure your success without helping others.