The gap between rich and poor people nowadays.


To begin with, the gap between poor and rich people are increasing tremendously. low income abides citizen are satisfied to have two or three meals per day especially for those who are living in a third World Countries. It depends on what kind of jobs they are dealing with.  The majority of needy are uneducated people,  it comprises with farmers, labors, and street children .while rich people are working hard to become richer and they are using strategies to build their network on how money works for them through passive income.

Firstly, an indigent individual is rare and most have no dreams in their lives whilst the way they think vary from another human being. Base in my own observation regarding their attitude towards the society from where they belong, they don’t even care what will happen to them in the future they are just enjoying what they have right now. A good example of that when I visited the village area,  I wonder how they survive without any jobs and still, they are involved in illegal gambling.

Secondly, The sad truth about their situation, they have huge families. A minimum of ten children or more since the lack of knowledge about family planning and education. the father can’t  accommodate them properly and unable to provide proper education.  The worse scenario, the parents are forcing their child at a young age for hard labor and prostitution despite the danger that they are prone to any disease. They can’t resist to their guardian even though it is against their will.

Thirdly, Rich people are engaging much business, They are using strategies to enhance or build their network such as Multi level marketing, franchising and investing in the stocks market to provide their high lifestyle such as buying fancy car, house and lot, travel, and building financial freedom. By using this method they are earning passive income.even without them still their network is working and they have enough time for their families.

Lastly, In recent time, everyone has a chance to become rich as long as we should follow their strategies and techniques.It depends on your self-motivation and enthusiasm.We”are created equal and freedom of choice. it is just minded setting to put up business at an early age.Most of us we are believing in the wrong belief that you need to finish your education in order to have a better job than after retirement that the time to start a business. Why not start while you were in school through selling anything in the class then after graduation put up your own business.

Therefore, I conclude that the gap between the poor and rich will increase more because not everyone had given a chance to pursue their studies  Through education you will open your mind to build your dreams and measure your abilities on how to deal with people and new things.For those who are rich, it is our duty to help poor people to build their network as well. You can’t measure your success without helping others.




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