The Philippines war on drugs and martial law


Philippines war on drugs and martial law under president  Duterte administration is the only way to clean or remove rebellion and drug addict in Mindanao and entire Philippines area. As you can notice in the area of Marawi and Mindanao itself and other selected area, guns and ammunition spread all over the place The rebels have an easy access to guns supply according to the news on local television network while drugs supplier are continuously operating beside from strict implementation of war on drugs by the police authority.

This issue is not new to us, The previous administration was also implemented martial law but the difference now the way they implement in accordance with the law. Duterte is a genius when it comes to decision making together with their cabinet members since this matter happened several decades ago.This is not an ordinary problem, The administration primary goal is to end up rebellion and kidnapping. The president put his heart on this fight and I can felt it as myself.

The war between rebel and soldier is the worse part of Philippine history, aside from world war 2, You don’t know where to go, lack of food and shelter, damage properties that you invested for a long time than in just one bomb it will explode and disappear. I can’t understand their principles why they need to fight to the government forces and sacrifice civilian lives. I know they have strong belief and purpose why they did that kind of action.

War on drugs is also a massive issue in the Philippines, many drug addicts died for fighting police force during a drug raid.Duterte administration is also serious when regards to this matter. His target is to make the country drugs free.but this concern was more than two decades, do you think its easy for them to solve this situation? I don’t think so. The government is using all their resources to limit the supply of drugs going to an individual user by tightening their security through the help of civilian individual.

Moreover, Duterte action regarding this matter can’t be solved easily. It is just like you are planting a tree, The roots spread all over the ground. That’s why he needs our support instead of condemning him. We are lucky that we had the president just like him who had full support and concern within the country itself.

Lastly, I’m writing this to let the world knows how good and responsible is our president of Republic of the Philippines and show to them that they are misinformed by biased media.


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