Human trafficking and prostitution


In recent times, women are victimized by human trafficking and engaged to prostitution enormously. This issues started many decades ago and commonly involved in this colossal illegal business was from rural areas of Asia Pacific region and other poor countries in the world, for a wrong belief to acquire green pasture in their lives.This activity organized by huge syndicates and influential people in the society for their self-interest through earning big amount of money and sexual  scrutiny of persons, that will enable other individuals to have partnered  for a short period of time that satisfies their needs in exchanged for money

Primarily, ladies are exploited by other persons due to the uninformed and uneducated individual resulting to fruitful promises that put them in a dangerous situation.During my teenager, I consulted one victim of human trafficking and asked her what happened why she was into this kind of work to entertained customer in the bar through dancing and goes out with other guys with corresponded payment.She responded, my recruiter, told me that she will give me better and decent jobs without my knowledge that she will put me in the entertainment bar as a dancer. I addition to that she said that I don’t have any choice for my situation right now since I borrowed money from my relatives and they are expecting that  I’m in a greater placed right now.

Prostitution is a gigantic business in the market today.Try to visit open countries and you will see how gorgeous these ladies are, Just like when I worked in one place in Asia before, the ladies were inside the glass with corresponding mirror and orange light, You will choose which one of them you like with exchange of money as a payment. It just like when you are in a market buying red meat. As for myself, I did not try at all I’m afraid of transmitted disease that time.One of my friend goes that placed every Sunday then after a couple of months he acquired STD. It was my first time to saw the effect of that disease that mostly involved on urine deliberation.

In each nation and cities have different ways of promoting prostitution.Others used calling cards, fliers, Videoke bar, disco bar, casino and much more. In the casino, if you lost your money in card games or other gamble game, they will offer help in exchange for something else. In present time due to technology advancement, they used social media to sell their owned and others used their real website together with their pictures.In addition to that students are also parts of prostitution by selling themselves in exchange for money for tuition pay settlement.

Therefore, human trafficking and prostitution will rise up rapidly in the future especially those countries that have an economic shortage and the protection of law enforcement agency that can’t be provided to the needs of certain state or nation. We must act now to halt this problem and we are all parts of this issues.

5 thoughts on “Human trafficking and prostitution

  1. Great post … Shared on Ace News Desk And thanks for visit … Wherever people can make money then the oldest profession in the world becomes a way to use people in this case by trafficking to the highest bidder and then making them a commodity … This is an evil world we live in a all we can all do is help people in need … Regards Ian


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