Government politics and corruption

as you notice that political persons are engaged in politics in recent times tremendously. Others shifted their career from traditional businessmen,¬†employee, lawyer, doctor and much more just to serve the people as their primary reason.Do you think that’s the real purpose why they spend a huge amount of money just to win the election and pursue their hidden agenda according to their self-interest respectively?. Each country has their own way in corrupting money from the government especially those who belong to the third world countries that mostly suffer poverty and hunger people.

.In many nations that are involved in politics and corruption issues, the economy goes down as a result of limited jobs.investors, more violent action of the people and the worse scenario happen to have war.As the political personalities involved in the corruption are greatly no concerned with their respective municipalities, nation, and state. This nation involved in this unreasonable acts mostly belongs to the third world countries whilst lack of constitutional rights and focused their self-interest aggressiveness to be the wealthy person on earth.

There’s a saying that money is the roots of all evil and why political leaders continuously corrupting the money of their own citizen just achieve their own political goals to be famous to their own places and in preparation for the next elections regardless the people they destroy just for their own interest.