Broken Families



Nowadays, many families are separated from each other due to many reasons for their relationship differences and views on their own life.Others are the third party or another woman, working abroad for a long period of time that has a tendency to find another partner, financial problems contribute a huge part of marriage separation and unresponsible acts that causes more fightings and separation of uncertain both parties action.

Firstly, more people are engaged in this tremendous problem in the society that contributes huge effects on certain individuals especially to young children that are the main victim of this process, divorce is the hardest parts and challenge that can happen to a couple especially the kids suffer most of the time.The most common effects are comprised Insecurities, self-doubt and lack of confidence can eventually make them uninterested in school.

I wonder why more couples are involved in this process and most of my classmates and friends are also a victim of this colossal experience that affects mostly the personality of the kids. I think its a trend for today generation.It’s better to divorce someone rather than to suffer for your whole life.This is also applicable in the western countries that the divorce is legally amended by the laws.In my country the Philippines we are more conservative and family oriented people during old times but nowadays divorce is in the process depending on the legislators for approval.

The massive responsibility for broken families or being a single mom or dad is to take good care of your children with your own without any partner in life.You will suffer financially shortage especially with their expenses for studies, food, and shelter.It consists of a greater obstacle before you can survive and pursue the dreams of your kids. It requires more patience, wide understanding and hard work if you have limited source of income in order to commit your goal in life.

Therefore, in order to be more effective in being a single parent, the government should pay attention to the needs of this individuals to support financially especially those who are in third world countries.This situation can’t be avoided due to miss understanding with each other and cannot be arranged with both parties.

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