Goal and Mind Setting for Successful People


The goal and mindset of successful people focus on positive results. Make sure to set your goal in a realistic and clear vision. Visualize the future is the key to have a better outcome. It’s better than you have a dream board that you can see every day that will encourage you to act more appropriately.

Many people wonder how they can become highly successful, not realizing that they hold within them everything they need to achieve all of the success they desire. Successful people are where they are today because of their habits.  Habits determine 95% of a person’s behaviours. Perseverance will hold the big part to acquire all of this plan about yourself.

Everything that you are today, and everything that you will ever accomplish, is determined by the quality of the habits that you form. By creating good habits and adopting a positive behaviour, you too can become successful and live a prosperous life.

Successful people always surrounded by positive people. Most of their friends are just the same as they are.If you want to succeed you should go with them and learn their secrets and apply it to yourself

Just believe in yourself that you can do it. God has given us equal opportunity. He wants to give what we want in life. We pray every day that our life will be more prosperous and abundant.






“Why” The majority of Filipino are poor?

Many Filipinos are hard working and talented person but why most of us are poor. Leaving in a squatter area, Renting houses and leaving in an old house from our parents. Working abroad for a long time but still no savings at all. What’s wrong with us? Have you not even wonder why the Chinese and other nationalities when they go to our countries they become rich. Sometimes I’m asking myself what’s wrong with me, working abroad for 10 years still not satisfied with the results. Help me to analyze and I will answer all this question and check the cycle of our life.in the Philippines.

Let’s start when we are young, most of our parents always told us in order to have a better life we should study hard and finish our studies to get a job. From there our mind was program and mindset for employment purpose only. Check the subject curriculum, contribution and projects. Do you think you can use all of that The school is monopolize and control by this rich people to maintain and satisfy them for the sake of their business to hold their employees in the neck?

.School is part of our knowledge development, I’m nothing against that but few people only knows that it was designed to make us slave. Working in a company or firm is the same as a slave. You will work with there given time and schedule, you should follow the rules and regulation in order for you to stay in that company or you will kick out if you violate.

Network marketing was designed to open your own business with small capital and big-time business just like Jollibee or Mc Donald.
This company need 30 million pesos just for the name and franchise alone Aim Global has given us a big chance to change the cycle of our life. To be your own boss. If you want to succeed in life check the status of the company, how many people become millionaires. Aim Global produced 7,000 millionaires for 12 years. Aim Global is one of the top companies in the World with 100 branches nationwide and 100 Countries Worldwide.

We have different aspect and vision in life. Employment is not the only way to have a better life. Wake up Filipinos you are sleeping for a long time. Don’t let other people control your life, God has given us the

equal opportunity and it’s up to us to choose.
Don’t let other people steal your dream join us now. Power.

To change the cycle of your life you should get involved in the business. Aim Global is one of them. Make it sure that you are in the right vehicle and do your part for you to succeed.

Oversea Filipino Worker (OFW) VS Multi-level marketing or Networking

Going back to the year of March 1999 when I arrived from Taiwan my wife introduced me to Forever Living Products International. Manage by late Roilo Golez. I belong to M2000 group headed by Miss Leny Ramos. That was my first time attended the seminars about networking.

During that time our cubicle was near too late Eng’r Francis Miguel cubicle and I know this guy including Mr Funny guy John Asperin and networking legend Jun Kintanar. I attended their training and seminars. We even visited the house of Jun Kintanar at Merville Subdivision in Parañaque if I’m not mistaken. You will be amazed at his house with his own gym and theatre including his cars like Ferrari.

That era of the networking business was just started then our uplines rented an office at Sta Rosa Laguna. We have fliers and conducted an opportunity plan presentation and every Sunday we went to the green hills the main office together with our prospects. We rented 3 jeeps just to cater them and tour to upline house and Jun Kintanar residence.

To cut the story short I dropped or halted since that time it’s hard to build the network. So I continued working as an OFW in 4 different countries until last year my upline Rose Anne Jane Bartolata introduced me to Aim Global.
At first, I don’t have any plan to go back this kind of business since I’m a networker and my heart belong to networking, here I am now and I want to prove that I will succeed this time.

You see those guys that I had mention are billionaires and they have already a legacy to remembered because they continued working as a networker. Imagine if I did not quite maybe I’m also a billionaire right now. But it’s not too late I have enough time to become a millionaire or billionaire 5 years from now.

The lesson guys quitters never win the game, no matter how hard just continue and fight for your dreams and working as an ofw is for daily sustainable allowance only for our family. Power

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)


Filipino are great and unique people, The number one in demand labour workers in the world, because of our hard-working qualities and abilities that’s why more than ten million are working abroad seeking for green pasture in life.

Why this happened why we are working away from our loved ones and spend most of our time working abroad with foreigners counterpart. It’s our own choice since the Government can’t provide a bigger salary that will sustain our family needs.

The hardest part of being an OFW is to work for a long time or many years without any savings at all, because you sent all your hard earned money and your family from your origin country, are eager and angry to your remittances and spent all of it without any remaining for emergency purposes.

Being an OFW is not an easy task, it requires more understanding and patience for your employer. Your number one enemy is yourself if you are homesick since its a new culture and surroundings.

Aim Global want to help those people who want to go home with the same or more income while you’re in the Philippines together with your family and I’m one of those OFW who grab the opportunity and I believe that all of my efforts will be rewarded soon.

We want to show to the world that Filipino is not just for being workers but also business persons who have talent and skills to become a millionaire soon.

If you want to know more about Aim Global don’t hesitate to message me and I’m 100%/available at your service.Power