Oversea Filipino Worker (OFW) VS Multi-level marketing or Networking

Going back to the year of March 1999 when I arrived from Taiwan my wife introduced me to Forever Living Products International. Manage by late Roilo Golez. I belong to M2000 group headed by Miss Leny Ramos. That was my first time attended the seminars about networking.

During that time our cubicle was near too late Eng’r Francis Miguel cubicle and I know this guy including Mr Funny guy John Asperin and networking legend Jun Kintanar. I attended their training and seminars. We even visited the house of Jun Kintanar at Merville Subdivision in Parañaque if I’m not mistaken. You will be amazed at his house with his own gym and theatre including his cars like Ferrari.

That era of the networking business was just started then our uplines rented an office at Sta Rosa Laguna. We have fliers and conducted an opportunity plan presentation and every Sunday we went to the green hills the main office together with our prospects. We rented 3 jeeps just to cater them and tour to upline house and Jun Kintanar residence.

To cut the story short I dropped or halted since that time it’s hard to build the network. So I continued working as an OFW in 4 different countries until last year my upline Rose Anne Jane Bartolata introduced me to Aim Global.
At first, I don’t have any plan to go back this kind of business since I’m a networker and my heart belong to networking, here I am now and I want to prove that I will succeed this time.

You see those guys that I had mention are billionaires and they have already a legacy to remembered because they continued working as a networker. Imagine if I did not quite maybe I’m also a billionaire right now. But it’s not too late I have enough time to become a millionaire or billionaire 5 years from now.

The lesson guys quitters never win the game, no matter how hard just continue and fight for your dreams and working as an ofw is for daily sustainable allowance only for our family. Power

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