Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW)


Filipino are great and unique people, The number one in demand labour workers in the world, because of our hard-working qualities and abilities that’s why more than ten million are working abroad seeking for green pasture in life.

Why this happened why we are working away from our loved ones and spend most of our time working abroad with foreigners counterpart. It’s our own choice since the Government can’t provide a bigger salary that will sustain our family needs.

The hardest part of being an OFW is to work for a long time or many years without any savings at all, because you sent all your hard earned money and your family from your origin country, are eager and angry to your remittances and spent all of it without any remaining for emergency purposes.

Being an OFW is not an easy task, it requires more understanding and patience for your employer. Your number one enemy is yourself if you are homesick since its a new culture and surroundings.

Aim Global want to help those people who want to go home with the same or more income while you’re in the Philippines together with your family and I’m one of those OFW who grab the opportunity and I believe that all of my efforts will be rewarded soon.

We want to show to the world that Filipino is not just for being workers but also business persons who have talent and skills to become a millionaire soon.

If you want to know more about Aim Global don’t hesitate to message me and I’m 100%/available at your service.Power

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