The true religion and belief



In this topic, I will not mention any religion name nor the believers  I just want to be fair to everyone. We should respect each other belief since that was the foundation of our parents had given to us.The people have their own way of preaching and praying to God almighty.I don’t want to hurt anybody and their feelings.This topic is the most difficult whereas I will write it with care so that           I will not offend anybody.The concepts or ideas are just accordances to my own experience and thoughts.The most common cause violence in recent time is religion. The people have a tendency to degrade other human beings especially if you are looking for jobs, applying for business permits, loans, and other issues if you differ each other beliefs and tradition.In short, discrimination still exists.

Every faith demanded that they are true and the only way to be safe.You can notice each country nowadays by watching television news that they are fighting for their own belief. Sometimes I was confused, how can this person saved their own lives and souls if they are killing each other. If you watch television today most of their cover news are killings, rallies, kidnapping, wars and many more violent actions.Do you think divinity is the only way for us to be saved and how?.That’s the big question comes into my mind. Everyone has the rights to claim that they are a true believer of God and no doubt on that as long as we follow the will of God and also spreads the goods news to others that don’t believe on him.

On the other hand, many believe that by accepting Jesus Christ with all your heart, you will automatically be saved by believing on him and going to the church every Sunday and read the bible and follow the Ten commandments regardless of the sin that you had been committed from the past.He sacrificed himself and people crucified him on the cross to redeem us from our sins.On the other side, they believed that by going to  the church and praying  5 times per day, fasting for one month during Ramadan, distribute your money in every  forty dollars ($40) you will give one dollar ($1) to less fortunate person and follow Allah through Quran you will go directly to paradise after judgement day.Many religion still exists in another part of the world but I will tackle this part only since mostly belong to this belief if you agree or not.

At this moment, many believers organize their own divinity with different sector worldwide, they are claiming that they are the son of Jesus Christ and they are also collecting money from the people to build their churches.So, I respect them since everyone have the rights to their own belief.In order to be safe during judgment day, it’s up to you to decide where you want to choose.You will search your own destiny, where you want to go heaven or hell.God had given us freedom of choice for us to decide by our own.which you want to go the curve or the straight road?.Along the way many temptations are blocking you, so, be prepared on that.Many are called but only a few are chosen.I hope that we’re one of them.Goodluck to you guys in searching true religion.

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